Rent Boys

For well over the past four decades Berlin’s Zoo Railway Station has been the main stomping ground for the city’s rent boys. Using archive footage from 1965 this fascinating documentary from gay activist filmaker Rosa Van Praunheim paints the scene there as it has evolved until the present day.  It is a desperately sad tale of … Continue reading

Restless Love

This rather enchanting Brazilian dramedy is about three smart urban professionals who are not only best friends, but also neighbors in a trendy São Paulo apartment building.  As they are also very self-absorbed, it is no-wonder that all three of them are having relationship issues with their partners. Julia (Maria Laura Nogueira) hates confrontations and so has chosen to ignore … Continue reading


For his feature film debut Nick Corporon chose to co-write and direct a road movie with a difference. True having a lonely middle-aged gay man pay for the services of a young hustler to accompany him is hardly new, but the journey they undertake together makes this intriguing resourceful wee drama  a very suspenseful edgy thriller. When Jonathan … Continue reading

Revry TV’s fab series QUEENS OF KINGS is back with its raw look at Brooklyn’s gritty Queens

  Revry TV’s rather fab reality series QUEENS OF KINGS is back for a 4th Season.   If it’s not appeared on your radar yet,  then shame on you.  It takes a wonderful raw look at the glamorous and gritty lifestyle of some of Brooklyn’s brightest drag stars. Each episode focuses on the intricate duality of … Continue reading

Rialto : an exploration of masculinity

    Rialto, the sophomore feature film  from Scottish filmmaker Philip Mackie Burns was written by queer Irish playwright Mark O’Halloran who adapted from his own award-winning stage play ‘Trade’. Incidentally O’Halloran also wrote the script of the stunning film Viva which in 2015 was Ireland’s Official Submission for Best Foreign Film at the Academy … Continue reading

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