Brit filmmaker Jake Witzenfeld’s impressive and heartwarming documentary thankfully settles down after a somewhat uneven start to become an intriguing snapshot of what life is like for gay Arabs living in a trendy suburb of Tel Aviv today.  He follows three extremely engaging best friends in their early twenties for 18 months through 2013 – … Continue reading

Orpheus’ Song: Porn scenario gets a touch of magic 

  Orpheus’ Song is a deceptive movie. It borrows from buddy movies, porn scenarios and classical myth to create a movie that gently simmers in a touch of magic. Philipp (Sascha Weingarten) and Enis (Julien Lickert) are work out buddies in Berlin. That oddly fraternal situation where it’s OK to focus on each other’s narcissism and … Continue reading

Other People

Trying to make light of cancer in movies is never easy and attempts at doing so do not usually make for good box office as last year’s Sundance big hit Me, Earl & the Dying Girl sadly found  out when it failed to find an audience.  This new movie, which is the directorial debut of writer Chris Kelly, and … Continue reading

Out In The Silence

When Joe Wilson married his husband Dean Hammer in Washington DC he put an wedding announcement in the local newspaper of Oil City Pennsylvania, his small home town, which was met with such an outpouring of vitriol and hate. However amongst all the abuse also came a cry for help in the form of a … Continue reading

Out In The Dark

Nimr is in Tel Aviv to visit his old friend Mustafa in a Gay Bar where he works since moving from Ramallah. Once there he meets Roy a very flirtatious your lawyer who gently puts the moves on equally handsome Nimr who is quickly smitten and is soon ready to make a night of it. … Continue reading

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