OLYMPIA : an intimate portrait of a remarkable woman

  Queer American/Greek Cypriot filmmaker Harry Mavromichalis debut feature is an exceptionally wonderful intimate fly-on-the wall documentary of the Oscar Winning actress Olympia Dukakis.  Mavromichalis turned his camera on when Dukakis celebrated her 80th birthday and trailed her on and off for the next three years.  Unscripted and unplanned,  this piece of cinema verite captured … Continue reading

Once A Fury: a doc on The Furies, a notorious 1970s lesbian separatist collective NOW STREAMING ONLINE

  Ten former members of the Furies, a notorious 1970s lesbian separatist collective that published a national newspaper and planned to seize state power, reflect on political activism and personal struggle.  Jacqueline Rhodes‘s award-winning film simultaneously provides information on The Furies’ newspaper, what and who they were fighting for, and what their message was, as … Continue reading

One Kiss

Clutching a newly won Italian Golden Globe comes an insightful teen drama that adroitly tackles a whole slew of issues such as homophobia, bullying and date-rape sex.  Despite the serious nature of it’s subject matter, the movie opens on a very sunny note infusing such warmth and humor throughout that doesn’t prepare one at all … Continue reading

Open Dialogues : Stories From The LGBTQ Community

  This powerful wee documentary is exactly what most queer people would have loved to been able to view on the verge of ‘coming out’ as gay.  Listening to the stories of seven South Florida members of the LGBTQ community articulate on their own journeys is such an uplifting experience. Hearing their individual stories of … Continue reading

Operation Hyacinth : a Polish queer thriller with a real kick

  It seems like so many countries have undergone a dark period in their history when they undertook merciless witch-hunts against the LGBTQ population.  In the US it started in 1953 under Eisenhower,  and what became known as The Lavendar Scare lasted some four decades.  In that period thousands of people lost their livelihoods and … Continue reading

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