No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics

  Vivian Kleiman’s intriguing doc looks at the impact of queer comics in the evolution of the LGBTQ community by examining the lives and work of 5 of its most well-known practitioners. They include Ailson Bechdel whose graphic novel Fun Home was turned into a Tony Award-Winning Musical, and Rupert Kinnard who created the first … Continue reading


  This very prestigious all-boys boarding school in India which is the setting for The Noblemen is obviously a remnant of British colonial days and the children are still expected to practice the age-old rituals and codes which should have been banished years ago. Here in this very formal setting, the pupils are reluctantly bound by an … Continue reading

Nobody’s Watching

  Nico (Guillermo Pfening) an out-of-work actor has these wonderfully large soulful eyes that whilst they may not land him the movie role he has set his heart on, they do help him get by in N.Y. even though he is both homeless and broke. Back home in Argentina he was a very successful TV … Continue reading

Nora Highland : only straight actors need apply

  I always thought that even if I had the talent  (and I don’t) that I could never ever be an actor .  Mainly because every single time you audition for a job you face the uncomfortable reality of rejection.  The more you try, the more potential rejections.  Now after seeing actor Ryan Spahn’s new  … Continue reading

Norman Is That You

If I were Norman I would have never answered the intercom when my father turned up unexpectedly on my door step at 7 am, especially if my boyfriend was still tucked up in bed. Even more so when letting father in meant pushing boyfriend out.  But these were very different times, and Norman let his … Continue reading

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