Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List

  Naomi and Ely, two 18 year-old college students, are best friends. They have been for ever and they live next door to each other in a Manhattan Apartment Building. Ely has two mothers but one of them temporarily forgot she was a lesbian and had an affair with Naomi’s father. It’s over now and … Continue reading

Nate And Margaret

On paper Margaret and Nate’s friendship seems odd verging on highly unlikely.  She is a 52-year-old unmarried woman with an odd sense of style who cannot recall her last relationship and works in a Coffee Shop for minimum wage whilst she yearns to follow her dream of being a Stand Up Comic.  He is a … Continue reading

Naz & Maalik

Naz and Maalik are a couple of extremely likable teenage Muslim boys who have been inseparable best friends for years and are now trying coming to terms with both their sexuality and the fact that their relationship has now evolved into something more romantic and physical. After their night of passion together, we follow how this … Continue reading

Netflix’s HEARTSTOPPER is the most endearing teen coming out/romance we have seen in a long time.

    Netflix’s new winning queer TV series Heartstopper is another confirmation that the network has become such an important source of LGBTQ programming.  They are one of the very few that grasp the sheer importance of creating content in which our community feels understood,   acknowledged, and respected unlike the sheer number of corporations that … Continue reading

Netflix’s SINGLE ALL THE WAY looks like the queer Holiday rom-com we will all want to see

  Netflix has finally joined all the cable TV companies that now love to make happy-ever-after gay Christmas rom-coms to make us feel all sentimental over the holiday period.  From where we are looking it seems that are taking it all seriously with such a first-class cast and crew. Helmed by openly gay  Tony Award-Winning … Continue reading

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