Leave It On The Floor

When Brad’s homophobic mother discovers he is gay, she throws him out of the house. Sleeping rough in her old car (that he ‘liberated’)  he finds a new home in the bizarre and wonderful world of ball culture. It’s an underground scene in which different ‘Houses’ compete on a dance floor catwalk to see who is … Continue reading

Leave It To Levi : queer porn to fall asleep too

  18 year old Luke, the adopted son of a single mother in a small town in Ohio, used to make videos of pleasuring himself which he then sent to Jake Jaxson the head of the gay twink porn site Cocky Boys.  Exactly one year later  Luke was in NY. renamed as Levi Karter,  and … Continue reading

Lee Pace gets all sweaty and naked to fight for his life against robotic assassins in Apple TV’s series FOUNDATION

    No member of the Queerguru Team has any penchant for Sci-Fiction at all  (even when it is gay) so we missed the Apple TV series Foundation.  However, one of our eagle-eyed readers who is a big fan of the TV program pointed out that we need to re-think our stance as we really … Continue reading

Leitis In Waiting

  Joe Wilson’s fascinating new documentary sheds light on a threat to the very existence of a small LGBTQ community the other side of the world that makes for very compelling viewing.  It is set in the tiny island Kingdom of Tonga,  where the locals are very proud of the fact that theirs is the only Pacific … Continue reading

Leo Adef’s SAFE : a stunning short doc on Berlin’s queer Ballroom scene

  As a queer journalist sometimes you kick yourself when quite by chance you discover something truly wonderful that you really should have known about and celebrated before.  In this case it’s not a ‘thing but a person. Leo Adef is an Argentinean filmmaker and photographer based in Barcelona.  On a visit to Berlin to … Continue reading

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