Laerte Coutinho is an extraordinary person, who despite some initial reluctance at the beginning of this documentary, is very happy to share her continuing dialogue about what it means to her to be a woman.  This 60-year-old extremely successful Brazilian artist and cartoonist was born a male,  and at the age of 57 decided to … Continue reading

L’Amour Fou

The best part of this disappointing mish-mash of a film is the opening sequence which is footage of Yves St Laurent announcing to the world that he is about to retire. In a highly dramatic speech that he stumbles through in which, amongst other things, he confesses to the demons (drink and drugs) he has … Continue reading

Land of Storms

Szabolcs (nicknamed Szabi) and his teenage German teammates do everything together.  They get matching tattoos and even ‘relieve’ themselves in unison when they are watching straight porn on the TV. However the camaraderie is quickly strained when they get thrashed in an important football match, and Szabi their captain is blamed for the loss. A fight … Continue reading

LAST CALL: WHEN A SERIAL KILLER STALKED QUEER NEW YORK a new series from HBO and based on a real story

  In the early 1990s, with homophobia and hate crimes on the rise as the AIDS crisis worsens,  a serial killer preys upon gay men in New York City, infiltrating queer nightlife to find his victims. A gripping, investigative crime story, LAST CALL: WHEN A SERIAL KILLER STALKED QUEER NEW YORK also dives deeply into … Continue reading

Last Days In Havana

This somewhat depressing Cuban 0dd-couple tale takes part in a dilapidated  Havana neighborhood where time has stood still and where both the fabric of the buildings and life in general struggle to survive. The rather dour-looking 50 year old Miguel (Patricio Wood) ekes out a living as a dishwasher at a cafe by day, and … Continue reading

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