Absolute Wilson

As part of my continuing process of brushing up on American Cultural Icons I viewed Katherina Otto-Bernstein’s 2006 documentary on ROBERT WILSON, who is arguably the pre-eminent avant-garde theater director/artist in the world.  I shouldn’t have been quite so ignorant of Mr. Wilson as although he is American, most of his work has been in Europe where there is … Continue reading

Abu : Father

In 2012 when his father passed newbie filmmaker Arshad Khan was working on putting together his first fiction feature, but having gone through a wealth of archival home videos in preparing for the memorial service, Khan slowly came to realize that he wanted, and needed instead to tell his own story of growing up gay … Continue reading

AFTER 82 : The Untold Story of the AIDS Crisis in the UK

This remarkable and well-measured documentary re-counts the tragedy of the AIDS pandemic as it spread throughout the UK.  It’s the story of how the British handled the crisis of what was initially perceived as ‘the American disease in a very characteristically British manner.   It is certainly not intended to be a comparison with how the … Continue reading

After Forever

  The real joy of this excellent new LGBT web series on Amazon Prime is that it is a story about love and loss with gay men in their mid 50’s and without a single twink or millenial in sight. Brian (Kevin Spirtas ) and Jason (Mitchell Anderson) lead a near perfect life in Manhattan … Continue reading

After Louie

Movies about the AIDS pandemic are always a tough call as fifty-something-year-old  Sam (Alan Cumming) a NY artist who is working on a documentary about his friend William (David Drake) who died at the peak of the crisis finds out. Unable to move on with his own life since then he has become somewhat obsessed … Continue reading

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