A Moment In The Reeds

For his debut feature movie, London based Finnish filmmaker Mikko Makela has returned home to tell his compelling tale of a romantic summer encounter between an unlikely pair that literally sizzles on the screen. Leevi (Janne Puustinen ) has been studying in Paris and comes back home to somewhat reluctantly help his estranged father (Mika … Continue reading

A Night at Switch ‘n Play is a Queer night you will never forget

  About to have its World Premiere at Toronto’s Inside Out Festival,   the delightful A Night at Switch n’ Play is probably the queerest film we have seen in long time.  We so hope those Canadians are ready for i.,  This feature documentary film debut from director Cody Stickels is an exuberant close up look … Continue reading

A pair of real NY Fashion Stars who’s lights are now dimmed

  It’s so wrong to have regrets in life and we didn’t think we had any until this morning.  There in our inbox from one of favorite Queerguru followers was a New Yorker documentary about an amazing couple of extreme fashion devotees who had being running this Vintage Fashion Store. If it were not the … Continue reading

A perfect Holiday Gift for all those would-be Billy Elliot’s out there

    The work of the celebrated multi-award-winning choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne is the real reason why so many of us (young enough!) wanted to become Billy Elliot.  His now-legendary SWAN LAKE  in which he altered the traditional story to be about a human male falling in love with a male swan, is part of … Continue reading

A Place To Be

  When Abel (Nelson Rodriguez) meets Diego (Andrew Saenz ) it is literally love at first sight.  These two young Latino men living in Chicago instantly bond in what we assume is going to be a gentle romantic story.  However one day their world is upturned when Diego suddenly discovers that his mother is dying back home … Continue reading

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