A Little Lust

The first time we catch sight of 16 year old Rocco (Andrea Amato), he is trying to lose his virginity with his best friend Maria (Carolina Pavone). Unfortunately he quickly loses his erection and starts to vex if it’s because Maria is like a sister to him, or the fact that he thinks his penis is … Continue reading

A Luv Tale : about 4 queer women in Harlem

  It’s been 20 years since director’ Sidra Smith’s debut film A Luv Tale played the Film Festival  circuit and picked up a couple of Audience Awards.  Now she is back with a 6 part web series of the same name that picks up where she left off with  the story of the lives of … Continue reading

A Man, His Lover & His Mother aka Rosie

Lorenz Meran is a successful middle-aged gay writer who is struggling with writers block when he gets called back home after his elderly mother has a stroke. Rosie is a feisty old bird and unlike Lorenz and his perpetually unhappy sibling Sophie, she seems to be the one member of this family who likes to … Continue reading

A Matter of Size

  Herzi, a very likable obese man, living in a small town in Israel, gets mad when he is thrown out of his Dieting Club by its skinny tyrannical leader who calls him a whale cos he is actually putting on weight, and then he gets fired from his job as a Chef at a … Continue reading

A Million Happy Nows

This is a one of those rather glorious no-holds-barred weepy melodramas that Hollywood would have termed as a ‘women’s picture’ in the good old days.  It still is in a sense, but for entirely different reasons.  This time the romantic pair at the centre of this rather wonderful sad tale are lesbians.  It is the … Continue reading

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