A Gay Girl in Damascus :The Amina Profile

Sandra Bagaria a French Canadian Jewish girl from Montreal went online looking for love.  She thinks she has struck gold when she hooks up with a Syrian/American lesbian called Amina who is currently living in Damascus. Very quickly their emails to each other get hot and steamy as they exchange intimate naked photographs and engage … Continue reading

A Girl At My Door

Yeong-nam doesn’t seemed too overjoyed to be the new precinct Chief of Police in a remote fishing village far from Seoul. When she has a briefing with the local area Superintendent soon after she arrives we learn that there has been an undisclosed ‘incident’ that has prompted this unwanted transfer. Now she is advised that … Continue reading

A Kid Like Jake

  Alex (Claire Danes ) and Greg ( Jim Parsons) are an ultra-liberal Brooklyn married couple whose lives completely revolve around their gifted son Jake ( Leo James Davis ).  He’s now at the age where he needs to leave pre-school and join a kindergarten class, which given both the competitive system to gain on the very limited … Continue reading

A Life In 10 Pictures

Any new series from the UK”s august BBC Studios always deserves our attention, particularly this one snapped up by Crackle PIus a free streaming platform in the US.  A LIFE IN 10 PICTURES is a six-part series that unlocks the stories of extraordinary people, whose images are known around the world, with just a handful … Continue reading

A Little Lust

The first time we catch sight of 16 year old Rocco (Andrea Amato), he is trying to lose his virginity with his best friend Maria (Carolina Pavone). Unfortunately he quickly loses his erection and starts to vex if it’s because Maria is like a sister to him, or the fact that he thinks his penis is … Continue reading

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