At The End Of The Day

  At The End of The Day is one of those films that are so full of good intentions yet somehow gets so wrapped up in its own cliched preaching that it just stretches one patience way past one’s comfort zone. It’s the story of the battle between an Evangelical Christian College and a local … Continue reading

At The Terrace

It’s tough enough adapting a stage play into a movie at the best of times, but when it is set in a different culture and language it’s a hard one to pull off for a mainstream audience to get behind and enjoy.  Writer/director Kenji Yamauchi’s movie At The Terrace, which seems the nearest thing to … Continue reading

ATLANTA BLACK PRIDE launches its first ever Film FestIval Weekend

  The first ever Atlanta Black Pride Weekend Film Festival will be launched this  Saturday, September 3 at IPIC Theaters in Midtown.. The all-day festival will feature independent LGBTQIA+ films submitted via iElevate+ TV (all-new streaming app created, designed and developed to tell Black LGBTQ+ stories).  There will be a screening of Des Gray’s critically … Continue reading

AUDIBLE : a story of loss, love and triumph at a Deaf High School

  In his new short movie, AUDIBLE filmmaker Matthew Ogens abandons us all so quickly.  We are so totally engrossed in the story of his finely nuanced documentary that when it ends in 44 minutes we feel almost robbed.  He makes it impossible for us not to feel so connected with his cast of deaf … Continue reading


L.A. is having one its hottest summers ever when Troy lands back in town.  He’s being living in Spain for the past four years but now he thinks he wants to find a job and a new apartment and move back home. It all depends on Jonathan his younger boyfriend who he dumped without warning … Continue reading

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