Are you Proud? Watch this before saying yes

  Have you ever been in a heated conversation about the factions in our community? A conversation that has questioned why another letter has or has not been added to the LGBTQI+ acronym? This documentary directed by  Ashley Joiner is an ambitious attempt to connect the dots, differences and intersections we live and love with. … Continue reading

Army Of Lovers In The Holy Land

  The Swedish Pop Group the Army of Lovers are an acquired taste, one that we sadly cannot relate too.  There were a  totally fabricated group (they neither sing or dance) who appeared on the scene some 30 years ago with aspirations to be the next Abba. According to their founder Alexander Bard (and the … Continue reading

As Good As You

Grief can affect us in many different ways, but it’s often the reason that we may behave in a manner that is very difficult for others to comprehend or accept.  When Jo’s (Laura Heisler) wife dies after she has nursed her for 18 months, her life as she knows it falls apart.  She is a … Continue reading

ASK ANY BUDDY : a compilation of gay porn from the 60’s to the 80″s

  Usually when we come across documentaries that cover an aspect of gay history they  are about the evolution of our community.  Or possibly a profile of a iconic queer who has furthered the cause for equal rights, or was an out-performer who made their mark entertaining us  ASK ANY BUDDY is about none of … Continue reading

At The End Of Evin (all that glitters ……) an Iranian thriller reviewed by Queerguru’s Ris Fatah

Amen, (Mehri Kazemi) is an Iranian transgender teenager, who has moved to Tehran from a small town, and is looking to transition to a woman. Amen is introduced to Naser, (the very handsome Madhi Pakdel), a wealthy man, who offers to pay for Amen’s gender reassignment surgery. He needs one simple favor in return. Since … Continue reading

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