Somethings should simply not be re-visited years later after they were created/performed and bad sex is definitely on that list.  Of course when I thought about re-watching Todd Verow’s grimy little movie that he made in 2004 I had obviously mis-remembered and far from it being an erotic take on the anonymous antics of a … Continue reading

Another Country

This wonderful insight to the heavily entrenched traditions of the archaic British class system that prevailed for centuries tells the story of a privileged elite set of young men as they deal with the elaborate rituals at one of the countries most prestigious Public Schools (what the Brits call Private Schools).   The story set in … Continue reading

Another Hayride with the message “self-love would help overcome AIDS”

  Queer filmmaker Matt Wolf was born in 1982 a year after the first cases of AIDS were reported in the US.  He may have been too young to remember the pandemic at its height, but his excellent new short documentary captures it so succinctly that it will stir up memories that some of us … Continue reading

Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco

The illustrator and fashion maverick Antonio Lopez was an extraordinary legendary cultural figure in the 1970’s whose name will hardly resound at all with most people these days, but to a whole clique of the famous fashion and creative souls who lined up to be interviewed for this new documentary, he was nothing less than … Continue reading

Any Day Now : the family that is worth fighting for

The year is 1979 and in a sleazy West Hollywood gay bar, Rudy a very scary looking drag queen, is lip-syncing to a disco hit ‘Come to Me’ and he catches the eye of a handsome masculine and very straight dude sitting by himself.  Paul is a divorced closeted uptight lawyer who works in the D.A.’s office. … Continue reading

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