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Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews IN BED a queer psychological erotic thriller by director Nitzan Gilady


In Bed is an exciting psychological erotic thriller by director Nitzan Gilady. Handsome Guy (Israel Ogalbo) and his best friend Joy (Moran Rosenblatt) are having fun at Tel Aviv Pride when suddenly gunshot scatters the crowd and they have to flee for cover. They make it back to Guy’s apartment where they find a shell-shocked Dan (Dean Miroshnikov), a fellow Pride parader, sitting on the stairs outside in a state of distress. They invite him in to calm down. 

The Pride shooter is still loose on the streets so the three hang out in the apartment for a while. Guy fancies Dan but Dan leaves after a while. Guy, a tattooist and Joy, a drug dealer, then get stuck into their supply of party drugs for the afternoon, alternately taking GHB and mushroom oil. The afternoon turns into evening and the two become pretty high, with their boundaries around appropriate behavior slowly becoming blurred. Although the shooter is still on the streets Joy eventually decides to leave. Home alone, high, and quite wired, Guy has a couple of hookups via Grindr before realizing Dan is still in the neighborhood. He persuades Dan to come back to his and the two men get down to a night of hot sex and drugs, becoming quite messy on G and Tina (Crystal Meth). As the night becomes morning, Guy’s standards and principles start slipping, and the line between intimacy and violence becomes muddled. Their boundaries around consent are also blurred and paranoia sets in. This is not helped by the news that in addition to the shooting, there has also been an assault on a gay man nearby. Who is the man in Guy’s apartment? How is this all going to end?

With In Bed Gilday takes a deep dive into the role party drugs, especially harder drugs such as GHB and Crystal Meth, can play in shaping a queer night of fun. The frenetic action is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack by renowned DJ Offer Nissim. Ogalbo, Rosenblatt and Miroshnikov all give very strong performances – Ogalbo won a Best Actor award at TLVFEST for his role as Guy. Their on-screen chemistry is hot and believable as they get high, become horny as fuck, relax their values, lose their grip on reality and eventually succumb to paranoia and lose control. A tense, fast-paced, unpredictable trip into gay party culture.

P.S .In Bed will have its North American Premiere at Miami's OUTshine Film Fest



Queerguru’s Contributing Editor Ris Fatah is a successful fashion/luxury business consultant  (when he can be bothered) who divides and wastes his time between London and Ibiza. He is a lover of all things queer, feminist, and human rights in general. @ris.fatah




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