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Queerguru looks back at our favorite quirky (and very camp) Queer Holiday Movies


Christmas is by far the campest of all the holidays we celebrate: it is all shopping, tinsel, and sparkly baubles and the season of both joy and sheer excess, and should always be a total blast. To help you plan to have a gay old time this December 25th, we have trailed our extensive queerguru Movie Library to give you our pick of the


 Top Ten Quirkiest Queer Christmas Movies Ever 


A Merry Frigging Christmas:  This is one of the last movies that the late great Robin Williams made, and although it is not one of his finest performances, the film’s mix of elements of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Bad Santa” is very amusing This mad-cap comedy also stars Candice BergenOliver PlattLauren GrahamJoel McHale and Jeffrey Tambor

This movie is streaming on Google play + YouTube etc. 



Ernest Saves Christmas. Santa travels to Orlando to pick his successor before his magic runs out. When he arrives, he just happens to meet Ernest, a bumbling taxi driver who is filled with holiday joy. Ernest drops Santa off so he can meet with the next Santa, Joe Carruthers (Oliver Clark) but forgets Santa’s magic bag in the trunk. This very silly comedy is a great way to just laugh that excessive Christmas Day dinner off.   

The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime (free) and Google + etc.



Holiday Heart: Ving Rhames (one of the stars of the Mission Impossible Franchise) trades in his tough man role to play a drag queen in this Christmas miracle story He plays a large-then-life performer called Holiday Heart, takes in a crack-addicted woman and her daughter in an attempt to help get them back on their feet. Not the most perfect dramedy, but worth watching for Rhames.

This movie is streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV



Holiday in Handcuffs is sadly not Chrismas porn (!)  but the story a dumped waitress who has a nervous breakdown and kidnaps a customer to bring home to her family as a boyfriend.  It stars  Melissa Joan Hart who has actually had a whole career making (easily forgettable) holiday movies.  So too has her screen boyfriend played by Mario Lopez who has yet another Christmas lifetime movie out now.  Holiday in Handcuffs also features a coming-out scene for her brother Jake (Kyle Howard).

The movie is streaming FREE on ABC.Com


FEMALE TROUBLE: There is no more divine movie to watch on Christmas than this John Waters film starring the Divine herself.   Technically this is isn’t a full-on Holiday movie but we included it because of the great scene when Dawn Davenport  (Divine) discovers her parents have failed to buy the only gift she wanted i.e. cha cha heels.  And you know you’d lose your temper if that happened to you 



Go. This is a wonderfully funny action flick that follows several separate storylines on one very strange Christmas in Los Angeles and Vegas. For purposes here it’s worth noting that the most Christmassy of the storylines involves insanely hot Timothy Olyphant as a drug dealer in nothing but sweatpants and a Santa hat who holds Katie Holmes hostage.   

This Movie is streaming on Amazon Prime and YouTube



MIXED NUTS: This Nora Ephron comedy received some really bad reviews when it came out in 1984. Steve Martin plays the head of a suicide-prevention hotline service which is a setting for a star-studded cast playing a whole realm of quirky characters  It still seems dated and political correct BUT it is notable for being the first movie appearance of Liev Schreiber, who portrays a transgender woman named Chris who develops a sweet romance with a ukelele player (Adam Sandler).

This movie is streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.



Pee Wee’s Christmas Special : On his own Pee Wee is a master of camp, but this list of gay icons that join him makes this a must-see at every single  Holiday : Grace Jones, CharoZsa Zsa Gabor, k.d. lang, Joan Rivers, Little Richard Dinah Shore, Whoopi Goldberg and Cher

This movie is streaming on Apple TV



SCROOGE AND MARLEY: The setting for this adaption of Dickens classic tale is transposed from the darkly-lit Victorian London to an equally dark Screws, a gay club in contemporary Chicago. Starring ex-Playgirl model turned actor RONNIE KROELL. this very camp drama will put you in the Christmas spirit (especially if you have downed a few first too) 

This movie is  streaming on AMAZON PRIME


The Silent Partner. This camp almost forgotten  Canadian gem from 1978 stars Christopher Plummer as a very hammy psychopath Santa Claus whose attempt to rob a Bank is foiled when the timid Teller (a very young Elliott Gould) beats him to it. Also stars an almost unrecognizable John Candy and Susannah York

 This movie is streaming  on Amazon Prime and YouTube



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