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Once a year a group of manically creative theatre ‘luvvies’ set themselves the seemingly impossible task of creating and performing four brand new 15 minute musicals in a mere 24 hours. And all the name of Charity.
This deliciously wonderful new documentary was the result of fly-on-the-wall
camerawork that filmed the whole harrowing process. Completely terrified but very excited actress Tamara Tunie,  aptly claimed ‘its kind of like sex’ which I guess adds another resonance to the title
‘One Night Stand’.
It all starts with the show coordinator/director hitting his phone book
and cajoling a whole coterie of actors/ writers /composers/musician/directors
to participate in this marathon.  On the
first night the composers and writers are paired off into 4 teams at 8pm and
are given until 6 am to write their masterpiece which must include at least 3
songs. By early morning the actors/director/choreographers
are in rehearsal studios trying to get to grip with the material that they have
just been handed and  suddenly most are
bitterly regretting that they every agreed to take part. 
They do all actually manage to pull it off and in
real style much to their surprise, and to ours too as we have been privy to all
the hilarious mini-dramas and meltdowns that have gone on very publicly throughout
the whole day.
The movie beautifully captures the frenzied pace
that all of the participants have had to endure, and as the hours seem to speed
by for them, we are on the edge of our seats just as every bit anxious on their
behalf. But these are experienced pro’s and there may be a tad touch of
‘methinks she doth protest too much’ as in the case of watching poor Rachel
(‘Saturday Night Live) who just cannot ever get to grips with her song
which is re-written constantly throughout the day then stuns the audience with
her brilliant performance and brings the house down.
The cast and crew of the show includes big Broadway
names and some of the best of the lesser known but equally talented players.  And many were crazy and generous enough to do
it all again the next year (the film was shot at the show in 2009).
Excellent cinematography and expertly edited, this  film by Elisabeth Sperling & Trish Dalton is a must for anyone who loves Broadway (and
who has strong nerves too). I saw it at MIFF and I hope it finds a Distributor so that it can reach the audience it so deserves.


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