Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Maybe Tomorrow


Being gay and in love with your best straight friend (who also thinks you are straight) is hardly a new tale. In fact its the one that most LGBT people have personally experienced at some time or other in their life.  It does however take on an extra frisson when it happens in a more conservative society where homosexuality maybe legal, but it is still very much taboo.  

In Maybe Tomorrow’s case the setting is the Philippines where Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) has been leading something of a double life. Her relationship with her live-in girl friend Kate (Kate Alejandrino) is finishing which doesn’t seem to cause her a lot of stress as she has always carried a torch for her best friend Jess ( Louise de los Reyes ) a rather self-centered TV soap opera diva. When Jess discovers that not only is Alex gay but has the hots for her too, she suddenly appears as a much more attractive bet to her than her last few boyfriends who such a disappointment to her, and she cannot wait to pop into bed with her

Now Jess was liking the reality of having intimate relations with her very best friend until her very flamboyant queenie director told her that in no uncertain terms that if news ever leaked out about it, then it would be the end of her very promising career.  No surprises here at the call she made, but a year later in the closing scenes of the movie, Jess re-appears at a party where Alex and all her friends are giving rising to the vague possibility that there maybe a few regrets on her part.

The movie evidently made great waves back in Philipines and was one of the very first LGBT movies to be played nationwide, but sadly it has little chance of making any such impact in the US and other countries who have more enlightened views on the gay community. The stilted script is riddled with so many wince-making cliches, and writer/director Samantha Lee in this her first feature , has packed the cast with such tired old stereotypes to the point of them being offensive.

Maybe Tomorrow is rather an ominous title when they make such heavy working getting through today.


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