Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Market Value


This highly emotional tale of a child-custody battle between a same -sex couple and the parents of the deceased birth-mother is the feature writing/directing debut of filmmaker Wendell Etherly.

It is the story of a respected hard-working nurse Audrey (Jules Bruff) who somehow failed to mention to her wife Carrie (Chandra Michaels) a local TV celebrity that the baby she adopted just before they met 15 years ago was one she actual illegally bought from the baby’s strung-out druggie mother.  Now when a Private Investigator suddenly turns up on the doorstep on their not-too-shabby large house and says he knows the whole true story, all hell lets loose.

Carrie immediately packs her bags and moves out and leaves Audrey alone with their rather confused son Brian (Noah McCarty-Slaughter) as the drama unfolds.  In fairness she does come back, but can only promise to stay there through the inevitable Trial.

Before the birth mother had died, she had sworn off drugs and had become a model citizen devoting her life to running an Agency that searched for missing babies even though she had failed to trace her own. Things are therefore looking so very bleak for Audrey, and her lawyer tells her to give the kid up, plead guilty and beg for a lighter sentence.to deal with the full force of the law. 

She of course will hear of nothing of the sort and in this tale which has rapidly turned into one of those Lifetime For Movies, we already know that Etherly will somehow find an excuse to ensure that there is a happy ending regardless.  In fact he ensures our sympathies remain totally with  Audrey throughout and somewhat unnecessarily paints the boys birth grandparents in a rather poor light.

At 132 minutes long, this drama that morphed into a melodrama, is way too long, and drawing it all out like this tests our patience enormously, as it could comfortably have at least 40 minutes edited out of it. 

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