Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Love of My Lives aka Amor de Mis Amor

With just one week away before he gets married to his fiancee Lucía, Carlos jumps on a plane to Madrid to convince his best friend to come back with him to Mexico to attend the wedding. Javier has been ignoring all his phone calls and emails so Carlos is worried that something dreadful may have happened to him.  Lucía none to pleased to be left alone to do the final planning, leaves the airport somewhat distracted and manages to accidentally run a cyclist over in her car.
León is not too hurt but he insists on being taken to the hospital but is more interested in flirting with Lucia than listening to the doctors diagnosis. She tries to get him to stop by telling him of her impending nuptials, but despite her protestations it’s clear that she is quite taken by this charming handsome stranger.  However what León fails to mention that he too is due to get married to Ana , who just happens to also be in Madrid this week working at an Art Show.
When he follows up with a phone call to Lucia next day and asks her out on a date she hesitates but finally refuses.  However when he asks her point blank if she believes in love at first sight, he has located her Achilles heal, and she relents and agrees to have dinner with him. She subsequently has second and third thoughts about the situation so ends up standing León up, only to have a chance encounter the very next day and she is a goner.  So is he too.
They both feel that this could be the ‘real thing’ and so want to cancel their respective weddings even though they are now just a few days away . Will they really be able to walk away from a past they were immensely happy in right up until they met or will they really want to swept away by this fresh new romance?
This rather charming and very-easy-on-the-eye Latino romantic comedy complete with it’s overlapping plot lines and none to subtle plot, is very engaging. All the very talented lead actors are as attractive as hell and its obviously that none of their characters are ever destined to end up single and sad.  High production values make this a cut above the rest in this genre,  and ensure that it is a perfect date movie for any hopeless romantic.

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Genres:  international, rom-com

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