Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Loitering With Intent

Thirty something-year-old Raf and Dom are best friends and are actor/bartender/waiters who are slowly realizing that they seem to go on fewer and fewer auditions these days, let alone actually book a acting gig. When one of their female acquaintances mentions that her wealthy boss is looking to catch a tax-break by investing a few hundred thousand in a movie, they quickly respond without hesitating that they have written a treatment which would be perfect for him. It would also be perfect for them too as it has two leading roles just for them.  Small snag is that they haven’t actually written a single word, but nevertheless they still accept her commission to deliver a finished script within 10 days.
Unable to even get started in their noisy Manhattan apartment, the pair adjourn to Dom’s sister Gigi’s remote country retreat in upstate NY.  The trouble is the place is anything but quiet, especially when a very drunk Gigi crashes their seclusion, hotly followed by Wayne her manic-angry boyfriend who she is trying to escape from.  Wayne brings along his nice-but-dim brother Devon who’s presence annoys the budding writers/would-be movie stars even more when they discover he has landed himself a lucrative Reality T Show without any effort at all.  Raf also carries more than a torch for Gigi who was once his girlfriend, so he goes out his way to try and insure that she chooses him rather than reunite with Wayne.
There is also Gigi’s friend Ava who’s living in a studio nearby and hangs out doing their garden wearing the skimpiest of clothes, and is more than a distraction for Dom.
‘Loitering with Intent’ is an entertaining easy-on-the-eye romantic comedy with a very good ensemble cast. The standout performances are from Marisa Tomei as the erratic Gigi and the reliably wonderful Sam Rockwell who makes you laugh every time he opens his mouth. The script was written by actors Michael Godere and Ivan Martin who also play Dom and Raf, so this maybe is a case of art repeating life. Neither of them seem that fazed or surprised when they lose the movie deal and the girl.  

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Genres:  rom-com

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