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Kweens of the Queer Underground : 3 queer stories to celebrate Sydney Word Pride 2023


3 queer stories, 3 queer filmmakers, 3 journeys into the queer underground celebrating World Pride 2023. 

The Queer Underground is a place beyond the flash of Mardi Gras, beyond the pulse of Friday in Taylor Square., Sydney .  It’s a world where labels mean nothing: there are no bears, no lipsticks, no twinks, no femmes – just queerness and acceptance. The new tribe.

In this new series of vignettes, from Documentary Australia,  a  collection of filmmakers shine a light on the heroes and heroines of the queer underground

Bee Cruse – “BrotherBoys”  Brotherboy is a term used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to describe gender diverse people that have a male spirit and take on male roles within the community. This story follows BrotherBoy Kai Klancy  an Indigenous transmasculine person. as navigates traditional roles and his identity within his culture and shares his life now, nine years after his top surgery and transition.



“Lesbians on the Loose” The story of how in 1989, a lesbian couple grows a black and white newsletter into Australia’s longest-lived lesbian publication. This documentary chronicles the origins of Lesbians on the Loose (LOTL), and the touching love story between founders Frances and Barb.

Written and directed by




Lee Matthews  (who produced Hating Peter Tatchell)  “I’m Not Into Labels” – is an intimate chat over drinks with Lui, Ben and Stella who explore the labels used within the LGBTQIA+ community and why when online dating. explore gay men and women use labels,. Their help and hindrances, even though they might declare superficially, that they’re not actually into them…………


All three Programs can be screened on Iview/ABC TV FREE  HERE  PS  you can view them  
even if you do not live in Australia via a VPN  (like NORD) 

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