Caesar Must Die

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Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caeser’ about the Dictator who was murdered by by a gang of conspiring Senators who wanted to stop him running Rome as if he were King was the most perfect choice to be performed by a Prison drama group.  Especially this one in Rebibbia Prison High Security Wing outside Rome which comprises of … Continue reading

Carol Channing : Larger Than Life

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  This enchanting new profile of the great Broadway star that has just turned 91 years and is still performing, is an affectionate and admiring look at her long career.  It’s heavy on the sentiment but apart from her last brief and happy marriage to her childhood sweetheart (who sadly died shortly after filming) is scantily passes over her … Continue reading

Diana Vreeland : The Eye Has To Travel

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  Diana Vreeland was the Queen Bee of Fashion: a Demi-God of Style who reigned supremely from her different ‘thrones’ of power for five decades and single-handedly changed the way women dressed.  You may think that a brash statement but it is totally befitting of this larger-than-life style maverick whose influence at the helm of both Harpers … Continue reading

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