Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Drawn This Way : the gay animation documentary


From Tom of Finland to Bugs Bunny in a dress – animation has been a place where artists can unleash and explore their sexuality. When did all this g(art) start? Is it a sexual turn-on? How did the artists get their start? Why the obsession with these fantastical stories and characters? Are they taken seriously in the mainstream comic world? Hosts Andy Cheng and Cara Connors dive into the pages of comic books, animated series, films and video games to discover the LGBTQ characters in the documentary Drawn this Way

Directed by Canadian queer uber media producer/director Charlie David, this is a one-hour TV doc that dives into the pages of gay comic book characters and their creators. In the studio, in the comic book shops, at the fan-crazed conventions, and at home with the artists.   It is now available streaming on Vimeo 

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