Filmmakers Myles Kayne and Josh Koury’s new documentary is the rather squalid tale of a  suburban Colorado motel owner who spied on his guests for decades, then invited the distinguished  writer Gay Talese to share the story with the rest of the world.  The story actually goes back to the 1960’s when Gerald Foos hit … Continue reading

    Wedding Doll

    Hajit, is a very pretty 24 year girl, who is obsessed with getting married. She doesn’t actually have a boyfriend, but she does have a potential groom in mind in the shape of her boss’s son who is totally unaware of her intentions. Hajit has a mild mental disability and works as a packer at the … Continue reading

    What Our Fathers Did

    When the British/French  renowned human rights lawyer Phillipe Sands was doing research for a book he was writing about crimes against humanity he came across two elderly German/Austrian men.  One was Niklas Frank who’s father was Hans Frank, Hitler’s personal lawyer and, from October 1939, governor-general of Nazi-occupied Poland, which came to include Galicia. The other … Continue reading

    What’s Left Of My Life

    This compelling multi-layered story that is an extremely impressive feature film debut from German director / c0-writer Jens Wischnewski. Told in a series of flashbacks which combined with present day scenes is the story of Schimon May (Christoph Letkowski) who now in his 30’s has found happiness only to have it cruelly snatched away, but then is … Continue reading


    After her cancer-ridden mother died just aged 45, Cheryl Strayed fell to pieces.  Heavily in debt and with her marriage disintegrating she developed an obsession for sleeping with countless strangers and an addiction to heroin.  Her solution to finding a path to recovery and do some major soul-searching was deciding to hike alone the entire … Continue reading

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