The Invisibles : the story of Jews who hid from the Nazis in Berlin in WW2

      The Invisibles is an intriguing hybrid docudrama that bears witness to the number of German Jews who chose to go into  hiding rather than being captured by the Nazis in WW2.  In 1943 Goebbels the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Germany declared that after all the purges there were no Jews left in Berlin.  … Continue reading

    The Lady In The Van

    Sometime in the 1970’s Mary Shepard decided to park her beaten up old Bedford van in one of the nicer leafy streets in London’s Camden Town area. The street with it’s expansive Georgian houses was home to several professional upper-middle class Brits that included a smattering of famous people such as the widow of the … Continue reading

    The Last Five Years

    The Last Five Years is a rare breed. It is an (off) Broadway Hit Musical that has been very successfully adapted as a movie and avoided the disastrous transition from stage to screen that usually ruins most of Broadway’s exports. The simple story explores a five-year relationship between Cathy, a struggling actress, and her boyfriend … Continue reading

    The Last Impressario

    Gracie Otto’s affectionate documentary on the charismatic and adventurous English theater and film producer Michael White is a movie long overdue. Despite his enormous contribution in a prolific career that spanned three decades he is as Anna Wintour succinctly put it, ‘the most famous person that you’ve never heard’. Ms Wintour also so accurately summed up his … Continue reading

    The Life & Mind of Mark Defriest

    Gabriel London’s absorbing new documentary tells the hard-to-believe astonishing story of the man who has been dubbed ‘the Houdini of Florida’ and who has been incarcerated for almost 40 years for simply stealing his father’s tool box and then defying the Prison Authorities ever since.   Mark DeFriest was born on August 18, 1960. A … Continue reading

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