The Fairy aka La Fee

    Dom, a sad looking sap of a man, is the night porter at a cheap shabby hotel in the seaport of Le Havre. As he is settling in for another quiet night Fiona, barefoot and with just the clothes she stands in, walks in and asks for a room, and then announces that she is a Fairy and … Continue reading

    The Fault In Our Stars

    16 year old Hazel Graze is permanently attached to an oxygen tank that now keeps her alive after her most recent bouts of cancer. If knowing that her days on earth are severely limited isn’t bad enough, she has to cope with her well-meaning parents and their enforced sunny dispositions to just get through each … Continue reading

    The Genius and The Opera Singer : a toxic mother/daughter relationship

      This 2017 documentary from Brit filmmaker Vanessa Stockley about the toxic relationship between 92 year-old former opera  singer and her 55 year-old embittered daughter is one helluva tough view.  Drawing immediate comparisons with the more famous eccentric mother/daughter duo in Grey Gardens, but this new film severely lacks the humor and affection (albeit twisted) … Continue reading

    The German Doctor aka Wakolda

    In the opening scenes of this historical drama we see a distinguished looking German gentleman accosting a traveling family of 5 to ask if he may follow behind them as he is unsure about driving alone on the desolate dirt roads in the middle of the vast plains of Patagonia.  The year is 1960 and … Continue reading

    The Hateful 8

    You would have had to be living on another planet for the past couple of decades not to know that all the movies made by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino contain some of the most excruciating gratuitous violence ever seen on the screen. However you will also know, and hopefully appreciate, that at the same time they … Continue reading

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