Another Year

    Tom and Gerri have been together since they met at University and now, nearing retirement age, are that rare breed of being a truly happily married couple. In their idyllic life, which seems to revolve a lot around gardening together, their geniality makes them a magnet for some very unhappy people.  There is Ken an … Continue reading

    Bad Boy Street

    It’s dawn in Paris, Yann a middle-aged gay man is walking home when he spots a cute young man lying in the gutter. Turns out he’s drunk and an American tourist. The street is in the 4th Arrondissement and is called Rue des Mauvais Garcons : hence the movie title. Next morning the boy wakes up and cannot remember … Continue reading

    Been Rich All My Life

    In my continuing quest to catch up with American Cultural Icons that never featured anywhere in my Brit upbringing, I discovered this wee gem of a documentary from 2006 about 5 octogenarian ex-chorus dancing girls from Harlem who are still dancing professional.  The Silver Belles may be falling apart physically and ‘can’t remember shit’, but … Continue reading

    Beware of Christians

    I was attracted to this movie primarily because I have been wary of Christians all my life. From the do-gooder Methodists who ran the Orphanage I grew up in like a Stalag, to the Fundamental Evangelists who drive the extreme Political Far Right in this country intent on ensuring that all gay men are 2nd … Continue reading

    Blinded By The Light: or how Bruce Springstein saved my LIfe.

      The brilliant filmmaker Gurinder Chadha , a British filmmaker of Indian descent, has over the past 25 years so succinctly captured the real essence of second generation of Asians who made the UK their home.  With them having feet in both extremely different cultures, Chadra’s narratives reflect the whole generational aspect of racial bigotry … Continue reading

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