There is an hilariously funny opening sequence when the camera swoops down from the nearby mountains to spot Shirley, a suburban housewife on the verge of a breakdown, hanging out her washing in her garden whilst she recreates the beginning of ‘The Sound of Music’ that she is totally obsessed with. Her five daughters however … Continue reading


The opening scene of Greg Whiteley’s new documentary has Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in an hotel suite surrounded by his family pondering out loud on how he should write a concession speech. The year is 2012 and Romney has just lost the general election and he now needs to call President Obama to congratulate … Continue reading


In his 41st movie (and possibly one of his best) Woody Allen treats us to a wonderful homage to two of his great loves : the city of Paris, and great American cultural icons of the last century.  It’s a delightful tale of Gil, a Hollywood screenwriter who yearns to forsake his highly successful life … Continue reading

Miles Ahead

In what is obviously a passion project for the Oscar nominated actor  Don Cheadle in this his movie directorial debut, he chose to co-write and star in this feature based on the life on the jazz trumpeter Miles Davis who is widely considered to be one of the most influential and innovative musicians of the … Continue reading


Like his previous 4 movies filmmaker Julian Schnabel’s latest work is essentially biographical and whilst it is probably his weakest one to date, it is also his most controversial.  Based on Rula Jebreal’s autobiographical novel it traces the lives of four Palestinian women from the last days before the State of Israel was formed in … Continue reading

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