Asides from the endless slew of instant celebrities that Reality TV tries to force upon us, there is now an onslaught from the Internet when videos go viral. This movie is about one such star, and trust me I use the word ‘star’ very reluctantly. Chris Crocker was/is an outrageously gay teenager living in the backwoods of … Continue reading

Meet Me In Montenegro

Writer/director Alex Holdridge knows that one of the reasons he is an independent filmmaker is that he has no need for a therapist. When life throws a wobbly or two, he can simply work through it by making a movie about it all, and that is exactly what he has done here as he recalls … Continue reading

Meet The Patels

Finding the love of your life in today’s culture isn’t easy, particularly with its dependency on social media. In fact it can really be quite complicated as Ravi Patel found out especially when he wanted to bring his parent’s happiness into the equation too. Ravi, a rather charismatic Indian/American actor living in L.A. has just split … Continue reading


This movie starts out with a stunning long visual prologue played out to the sound of Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde that sets the tone of this powerfully dramatic story told in two parts named after two sisters. The first is Justine, who is a severely disturbed and melancholic bride, struggling to get through the lavish … Continue reading


Documentary filmmaker Joshua Z. Weinstein’s feature film directing debut is an intriguing project that is not just based on a real story, but it actually stars the subject himself who has never actually acted before, and it all makes for such compelling viewing.   Menashe (Menashe Lustig) is an Hassidic Jew who has been widowed … Continue reading

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