When Diana ‘Die’ Despres reacts quite violently after she crashes her car on the way to collect Steve her troubled teenage son from the special care facility after he set fire to the cafeteria, it is initially not clear who is the craziest one out of the pair of them. However, life with Steve will … Continue reading


When this movie first surfaced I quickly dismissed it as something that only people with a penchant for baseball and/or Brad Pitt would be want to see, and I have no interest in either.  Mr Pitt is a pleasant enough actor and has been fortunate to have been in some very good movies, but I’ve … Continue reading


Theo is a bored wedding photographer who has developed a slightly dubious side gig of stalking and taking photographs of paying customers whilst hidden from sight.  And he seems to have quite a nice life too with a great apartment in fashionable Brooklyn, a very pretty guitar playing fiancee … and a  cute dog too. … Continue reading


Tragedy strikes in the first few minutes of the movie when Simon a six grader whose turn it is to take the milk cartons into the empty school classroom before the lesson begins is confronted with the sight of his teacher who has just hung herself from the ceiling.  What follows is not the story … Continue reading


If I could get to choose to come back in my next life to a world created by a filmmaker it would have to one by inspired fantasist Wes Anderson, and preferably the one where ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ is based.  In this his 7th feature he conjures up an idyllic 1965 New England sunny summer on … Continue reading

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