Miss Sloane

Jessica Chastain gives a powerful career-best performance in the title role of the excellent Miss Sloane which is unquestionably the most compelling political thriller of the year and which will certainly captivate audiences everywhere …. particularly ones that include feminists …. and may finally give Miss Chastain the Best Actress Oscar that she has been nominated … Continue reading

Miss You Already

American Jess and Brit Milly share a wealth of history since they became best friends in a London Primary School about thirty years ago after Jess’s family moved there from Oregon.  We learn about how they have shared every single major life milestone since then …. like kissing their very first boy, and even losing … Continue reading

Mission To Lars

Tom Spicer is a 40 year old man who suffers from Fragile X.  This is a genetic condition you may not have heard off but it is apparently not that rare as it affects 1 in 4000 men (and 1 in every 6000 women).  In Tom’s particular case it manifests itself in serious impaired learning … Continue reading


This rather harrowing narrative about an extended black family in the 8os’ & 90’s in semi rural Mississippi was an inspired choice for the opening movie of ‘O’ Cinema, Miami’s newest edgy Art House Theater. A deeply disturbing debut film from writer/director Tina Mabry, which is even more disturbing on reflection when I discovered after … Continue reading

Mississippi Grind

Curtis is a mystery and sort of remains one right to the very end of this intriguing road-movie about two inveterate gamblers. When we first meet this rather handsome and charismatic 30-something-year-old he turns up in a dingy casino in Dubuque, Iowa and very noisily crashes into a poker game in full swing.  At the … Continue reading

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