If watching grown men burst into tears over a tart that can ruin their lives is your idea of fun, then this is the movie for you. This truly captivating movie from award winning filmmakers D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegadus (‘The War Room’ ‘Moon Over Broadway’) follows three Pastry Chefs as they go into … Continue reading


KINK.com is the largest producer of online BDSM porn movies in the USA and was started by Peter Ackworth, a fellow Brit, from his Dorm Room at school in 1997. Based in an enormous defunct Armory Building in San Francisco with many of the original facilities untouched as they make prefect sets for a lot … Continue reading


Hapless Frank has learned that Mia his girlfriend is pregnant, but she is having second thoughts about giving birth, as she seriously doubts Frank’s potential as a father. When he fails the simple test of babysitting Bo his nephew (he leaves him alone in the house when it is being robbed) Frank takes drastic action.  … Continue reading

Knots : A Forced Marriage Story

  Filmmaker Kate Ryan Brewer’s powerful documentary on forced marriage is such an eye-opener that will shock most people who view it. Like others, I had been too quick to assume that such marriages are something that only occurs in third-world countries.  How very wrong I was.  Her film is about the forced marriages that … Continue reading


Neil Barksy’s engrossing new documentary is an affectionate look at one of the most infuriating larger-than-life politicians who almost loved his job and his city as much as he adored himself.  Ed Koch was a three term Mayor of New York who rescued his city from the throes of bankruptcy in the 1970’s and practically … Continue reading

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