This engrossing and jam-packed documentary on the first ever-female Leader of a Moslem Country starts with scenes of her assassination in 2007, before embarking on becoming a riveting history lesson on both Ms. Bhutto and Pakistan. There’s a myriad of facts, like it is the 6th most populated country in the world, and 97% Moslem, … Continue reading

Big Eyes

In a rather radical departure from his last few very edgy movies acclaimed director Tim Burton has opted to make a biopic about Walter Keane the infamous plagiarist who in the 1950’s claimed that his wife’s populist art was his own work. It’s a colorful lightweight drama that never gets dark even when Keane’s trickery … Continue reading

Big Stone Gap

Big Stone Gap is the sort of old-fashioned homespun middle America town that represents a gentler and kinder world where time literally stands still.  It’s actually a real blue-collar mining town in a corner of Virginia where the movie’s writer and director Adriana Trigiani grew up, and this is not only based on her own … Continue reading

Big Sur

Jack Kerouac wrote his second autobiographical novel Big Sur when he was was trying to escape from all the unwelcome attention that he got after he published his big smash novel ‘On The Road’ a few years earlier (Walter Salles made that into a movie last year). This time its Michael Polish who has undertaken the … Continue reading

Bill Cunningham New York

The reason that I sit in a movie theater as often as I do is my eternal hope that every movie I watch will be so near perfect that it will just blow me away.  In reality it’s a rarity, but tonight was one such occasion.  Watching ‘Bill Cunningham New York’, a wonderful moving and … Continue reading

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