Beware of Christians

I was attracted to this movie primarily because I have been wary of Christians all my life. From the do-gooder Methodists who ran the Orphanage I grew up in like a Stalag, to the Fundamental Evangelists who drive the extreme Political Far Right in this country intent on ensuring that all gay men are 2nd … Continue reading

Beyond Assignment

  The movie followed three photo/journalists in far flung parts of the world as they went about their work.  The fact that they were all located in dangerous regions made it more fascinating, and that they all happened to be women added a certain frisson to the documentary   Mariella Fuller is a Swiss/Lebanese photo/journalist who originally went to … Continue reading

Beyond The Hills

If I had to summarize Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu’s latest movie in one word, it would unhesitatingly be ‘bleak’. From the isolated Monastery with no running water or electricity nestling in the hills beyond a remote village where even the summers look cold and uninviting, to the plot which is about an ex-orphanage girl who … Continue reading

Beyond The Lights

This rag to riches music industry drama starts off in a grubby Town Hall in Brixton one of London’s rougher areas where Nona a frizzy-haired schoolgirl is stunning the audience at this Talent Show with her capella rendition of Nina Simone’s classic song Blackbird. She wins second place which immediately enrages her potty-mouthed pushy stage … Continue reading

Beyond The Walls aka Hors Les Murs

  This unexpected and rather remarkable new film from first time writer/director David Lambert (that I discovered by accident) realistically scrutinizes the intimate details of the rise and fall of an edgy gay relationship, devoid of stereotypes. It premiered at Cannes Film Festival during the Critics Week (picking upan Award) and most of the Reviewers then made a point … Continue reading

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