Nearly every time I leave my comfort zone cinematically speaking and go see a movie that I instinctively know that I am not going to like/possibly loath even, I end up wishing I had stayed at home.  I saw nothing in the trailer that I thought I would like about this one at all, but much to my … Continue reading

Bert Stern : Original Madman

Say the name Bert Stern to anyone and they will immediately think of the legendary set of photographs he took of Marilyn Monroe in her last sitting just before her death. Behind closed doors without anyone else present he captured her beauty raw and natural in stunning iconic images which still takes one’s breath away … Continue reading

Best Kept Secret

When they answer the phone at John F Kennedy High School in Newark, they add the tag line ‘New Jersey’s Kept Secret’ and after watching Samantha Buck’s heartbreaking documentary you can understand why they so deserve to make this claim. You will also soon realise that most of the credit for the remarkable activities and achievements … Continue reading


This tense taut thriller is about yet another deadly incident in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East and was  written by a former Israeli Secret Agent and a Palestinian journalist.  Yet despite its bipartisan credentials the overwhelming feeling that you come away after watching ‘Bethlehem’ is that the world is split into different camps … Continue reading

Bettie Page Reveals All

Bettie Page was a stunningly beautiful American model who in the 1950’s became known as the Queen of Pinups. She was hardly a shy blushing maiden and her lack of inhibition posing for ‘camera clubs’ had made her an instant hit.   She was Miss January 1955 as one of the earliest Playmates for Hugh … Continue reading

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