Beautiful Boy

Kate & Bill are contemplating taking one last family holiday together to save their empty and emotionless marriage. That night they talk on the phone to Sam their 18 year old son who’s away at College and he seems quiet and more distant than usual, but they just put it down to him trying to … Continue reading

Beauty aka Skoonheid

Francois is one of the unhappiest self-loathing closeted gay men I have ever seen on film.  He’s a middle-aged South African who is first seen celebrating his daughter’s wedding in what appears to be a happy family. He is cold and matter of fact with his wife,  but that almost seemed like a natural state of … Continue reading


  This is one very absurd quirky wee movie about the making of a no-holds barred movie that wants a young couple to make their feelings visible, and to portray love by showing full-one sex.  This is not however pornographic on any level, despite some of the very explicit scenes, and to be perfectly frank … Continue reading

Been Rich All My Life

In my continuing quest to catch up with American Cultural Icons that never featured anywhere in my Brit upbringing, I discovered this wee gem of a documentary from 2006 about 5 octogenarian ex-chorus dancing girls from Harlem who are still dancing professional.  The Silver Belles may be falling apart physically and ‘can’t remember shit’, but … Continue reading

Before We Go

When you decide to double up and jump behind the camera for the first time as well as star in front of it, then you need a great deal more than charm to get by.  Sadly no-one told actor Chris Evans aka Captain America that and so he and his pretty and talented star Alice … Continue reading

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