The first time that young Jacky was aware of women’s breasts was also the same day a neighbor’s rather demented son smashed his testicles to shreds.  Deflowered of his ‘manhood’ at this tender age he started a daily regime of inject himself with all manner of tester-one to bulk himself up to mask his insecurity. He was only really … Continue reading


  This has been generating a great deal of media attention because it had initially been rated an ‘R’ movie thus preventing it been shown to the under 17’s who are most affected by the problem.  The filmmakers took out a few swear words to ease censor’s conscience who gave it a PG-13 rating, but now thatI have seen … Continue reading


A young girl fed up with waitress-ing in a diner in some God-forsaken place in the Midwest, decides to pack it all in and get a one-way train ticket to LA to seek her fame and fortune.  She stumbles on the Burlesque Club run by a fading Star that features a lot of very scantily … Continue reading


In this new mouth watering movie from the Weinstein Company there are three things that are hot. The food, the tempers and the star Bradley Cooper. It’s not the first time he has tried his hand at playing a temperamental master chef: back in 2005 he was in the very short-lived Fox TV series ‘Kitchen Confidential’ … Continue reading


Rene is a lonely grumpy 70 year old man who has alienated the few people in his life with his caustic comments and his decidedly unfriendly attitude.  He lives alone in a shabby house in a small provincial town in the Philippines, and he is just waiting to die. It’s not that he is ill, … Continue reading

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