This wee quintessential Brit social realist drama shows an agonizing slice of life in three households who live uncomfortably next door to each other in a suburban cul de sac.  Archie, a mild-tempered lawyer, is a single dad bringing up his two teenage children Skunk and Jed with the aid of Kasia his Polish Au-Pair … Continue reading


Home maybe where the heart is but in the early 1950’s in rural Ireland with work so scarce, this is a luxury that few young people can afford. Twenty-something-year-old Eilis can only find herself a two hour stint on a Sunday after Mass behind the counter of the village Provisions Store run by Miss Kelly, the local … Continue reading

Brooklyn Castle

Over seventy five percent of the pupils in I.S. 318 are from families that are below the federal poverty level. This public Intermediate School in an un-gentrified part of Williamsberg, NY is struggling with untold budget cuts when this documentary starts being filmed soon after the 2008 recession. Yet what we see right from the … Continue reading


Lars is a young Danish soldier who is resentful because he has been thrown out of the Army after being accused of making a pass at some of his men. Frustrated at being back home with his pushy interfering mother, and unsure of where his life is going,  he becomes easy prey for a local … Continue reading


In 2003 the Israeli Government started construction on a Separation Fence in the Occupied West Bank BUT instead of going along the border line of the area, it cut right through Palestinian land.  So much so, its planned route would have isolated six villages that would have then become completely land-locked.   One of them was Budrus, and … Continue reading

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