Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

There are very few filmmakers who consistently produce sure-fire hits with every movie they make like the two-time Oscar winner Ang Lee, but even he is seems is not completely infallible.  His latest one boasts the very latest experimental technology that affects how we see it all but somehow it seems like that it is at the expense … Continue reading


Ex-Batman actor Michael Keaton must have felt more than a touch of deja-vu in the title role of Alejandro G. Inarritu’s brilliant dark comedy about an actor trying to redeem his career by staging a serious dramatic Broadway debut after his career as a movie comic-book hero has faded.  The movie filmed almost entirely in … Continue reading


If I were a member of the Academy I would give the Best Actor gong to Javier Bardem for his heart-wrenching performance as Uxebel in ‘Biutiful’.  It’s not that I do not appreciate Mr. Firth’s stunning stammering turn which will inevitably get him the Oscar, its just watching Mr. Bardem intriguingly peel back all the … Continue reading

Black Butterflies

  It’s so hard not to think of Sylvia Plath when you watch this heart-wrenching biopic of the celebrated but deeply troubled South African poet Ingrid Jonker as both of then took their own lives at a young age.  Plath was just 30 when she poisoned herself in 1963, and Jonker drowned herself two years later … Continue reading

Black Really Suits You aka Le Noir (Te) Vous Va Si Bien

The first words we hear in the movie’s opening scene are “I should never have left my country!‘ They are uttered slowly with great sadness by Moncef a 60 year man of Middle-Eastern origin. He and his family have ended up as immigrants in Paris far from home and he is desperate to insure that … Continue reading

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