Andrew Hebden reviews The Wanderings of Ivan : from begging and theft to thuggery.

  There is an awful lot of wandering about in the 1 hour and 15 mins of this Claude Chamis film and ultimately it leads nowhere. However Chamis almost manages to get away with it by a softly teasing appreciation of beauty that pulls the viewer in further and longer than a less discerning perspective … Continue reading

Angels With Tethered Wings

It seems like Steven Vasquez the director/writer/cinematographer/editor wants to corner the market in low-budget gay horror mystery movies the rate he is turning them out these days. This new one like his last recent one (Errodity) is essentially another piece of soft-core pornography but this time with an extended and tangled plot, and where the script is as … Continue reading

Animal Kingdom

    The opening scene of this gritty crime thriller movie shows Jay, a teenage boy, at home calmly watching ‘Deal or No Deal’ on the TV as his heroin addicted mother has just O.D. on the couch besides him.  His grandmother, who has been estranged from her daughter for years, rushes over to pick … Continue reading

Anita : Speaking Truth to Power

  In 1991 George H. W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, an African/American, to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, and as he had only served as an Appeals Court Judge for just 18 months, another appointment of the President, Bush evidently felt strongly enough about the man to want to fast-track him into one … Continue reading


Somethings should simply not be re-visited years later after they were created/performed and bad sex is definitely on that list.  Of course when I thought about re-watching Todd Verow’s grimy little movie that he made in 2004 I had obviously mis-remembered and far from it being an erotic take on the anonymous antics of a … Continue reading

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