Andrew Haigh’s ALL OF US STRANGERS is finally rewarded as it sweeps the board at the DORIANS

  2023 was a particularly good year for some excellent queer cinema, but you wouldn’t have known that if you have been following all the major Award Shows this year.  The  Oscars managed to nominate  Colman Domingo for Rustin …… the only 2nd time in the Academy’s history that a gay man was nominated for … Continue reading

Andrew Hebden @ BFI Film Fest London reviews KAJILLIONAIRE

  While we suspect the success of Bong Joon-ho’s satirical Parasite made this odd story of a family of grifters an easier sell to its Executive Producer Brad Pitt we are glad to report that Miranda July’s Kajillionaire quickly sets its own glorious course tearing apart the nuances of sentiment rather than the notions of … Continue reading

Andrew Hebden reviews Spectrum : a queer anthology of Manchester’s Canal Street

  Social bubbles are all the rage this week with the announcement from the UK Prime Minister that lonely, single person households can now mingle with one other without risking a visit from the coronavirus popo. Spectrum, directed by Kieron Moore, Abigail Henry and Christopher Bowles is on a similar social theme. In the gay … Continue reading

Andrew Hebden reviews the urine trouble in Agnieszka Holland’s CHARLATAN

Agnieszka Holland’s biographical tale of a Czech herbal expert who makes a living diagnosing patients by their urine samples may not exactly be everyone’s cup of pee at first.  However barely submerged within it is a commentary on the suffocating totalitarian regime it happens under and a pointed statement that supposedly absurd practices supported by … Continue reading

Andrew Hebden reviews The Wanderings of Ivan : from begging and theft to thuggery.

  There is an awful lot of wandering about in the 1 hour and 15 mins of this Claude Chamis film and ultimately it leads nowhere. However Chamis almost manages to get away with it by a softly teasing appreciation of beauty that pulls the viewer in further and longer than a less discerning perspective … Continue reading

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