Party Girl

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A weary and desolate Angélique Litzenburger a 60 year old dance-club hostess and former stripper sits nursing yet another drink at the bar and declares to her younger co-workers ‘I was a superstar!’ The trouble is that although she is way past her prime, she is still partying as hard as she did in her youth it’s simply that … Continue reading


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This new French feature film co-directed by world-renowned choreographer Angelin Preljoçaj along with screenwriter Valérie Müller is an adaption of Bastien Vivès novel about a young girl pursuing her dreams and it very firmly makes the dancing far more important than the actual plot itself.  This is more of an observation than a criticism and it is  a move … Continue reading


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Newbie French writer/director Régis Roinsard plays homage to the great Hollywood 1950’s romantic comedies with this delightful sugary fluffy movie.  A perfect period piece that says that not only can fairy tales come true (eventually) but they look and sound so much better in fabulous retro sets, stunning costumes, and a rip roaring sentimentalised score. … Continue reading

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