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Olive’s best friend Rhiannon at school is so nosey that to stop her pestering with questions about the previous weekend she spent alone she says she slept with a college boy. This information is overheard in the next bathroom stall by Marianne, who is a pious Jesus freak and is so totally horrified that she … Continue reading


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This very funny documentary about one man’s quest to hoist  the US’s hit tv situation comedy ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ on an unsuspecting Russian audience could be subtitled ‘Lost in Translation’.  Written, directed and starring Phil Rosenthal the creator of the TV show, its about the frustrations of adapting the hit series for Russian TV. Neither … Continue reading


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Murray is about to close down his rare book store in New York that has been in his family for three generations. It will mean that he and his 50-something-year old assistant and life long friend Fiorovante will be unemployed and strapped for cash. Murray however tells his pal that his wealthy female dermatologist had … Continue reading

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