Death in Buenos Aires : a quirky queer Argentinian thriller

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  Death in Buenos Aires is an unexpected delight  : a queer thriller with a rather odd plot and quirky nature but one has a total charm that entertains you to the final credits. Set in Argentina in 1989 its the story of shabbily dressed tough guy Police Inspector Chávez (Demián Bichir) who whilst investigating … Continue reading

Disco Limbo

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Argentinian filmmakers Fredo Landaveri and Mariano Toledo feature film directing debut is a little like one long hallucinatory trip.  There is a vague story line to the narrative which is not that easy to follow, but somehow that doesn’t seem to the point of this rambling and rather bizarre avant-garde piece that looks like it was made by Film … Continue reading

El Angel

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  In Luis Ortega’ s dramatized intriguing take on the Argentinian real-life convicted murderer, rapist, kidnapper and thief Carlos Robledo Puch he uses all the unwarranted violence to glorify the teenage killer.  In the movie Carlitos, (Lorenzo Ferro) as he is called,  is a baby-faced curly-haired pretty high school-student who has already become something of … Continue reading


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Fulboy is a very odd piece of voyeurism. Argentinian writer/filmmaker and football fanatic Martín Farina persuades his younger sibling Tomás to allow him to do a fly-on-the-wall documentary on the football club where he is a professional player. This is to be a warts-and-all no-holds-barred look at this very handsome young team totally exposed, and in fact one of the very … Continue reading

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