Happy End

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If you are at all familiar with the work of the two-time Oscar nominated Austrian filmmaker Michael Hanake then you will know that the very last thing he ever gives us is a happy end.  This new movie of his, essentially a rather disparate domestic melodrama that focuses on a wealthy bourgeois dysfunctional family living … Continue reading

Humor Me

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For Sam Hoffman’s feature film writing/directing debut Humor Me he valiantly attempted to build on his very successful web series (and book) Old Jews Telling Jokes with very mixed results. What he ended up with is a family comedy that older Jewish audiences will lap up, but others will sadly find rather lame at best. This is … Continue reading

In Search of Israeli Cuisine

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Israeli-born Philadelphia chef/restauranter Michael Solomonov sets out in this documentary by director Roger Sherman to criss cross Israel in search of ‘real’ Israeli cuisine.  It is a contentious search just by the mere fact that several of the foodie experts and journalists that he interviews en route, question if in a country as young as … Continue reading

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