The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

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Filmmaker Noah Baumbach has very definitely adopted Woody Allen’s mantle in this new ensemble NY dramedy that rambles through the dynamics of of a very disorderly family resulting in what will probably end up being one of his more populist films. The family patriarch Harold (an extraordinarily dry and funny Dustin Hoffman) is a retired … Continue reading

The Ottoman Lieutenant

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The Ottoman Lieutenant is one of those old-fashioned melodramatic war-time epic dramas, complete with a love triangle, that despite its predictable plot, will probably prove to be quite a crowd pleaser. That is unless you a stickler for history as in this Turkish financed production, the tragic Armenian Genocide when 1.5 million people were massacred, … Continue reading

The Paris Opera

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  The movie cameras are back at The Paris Opera again, but unlike Fredrick Wiseman’s 2009 documentary La danse, and the 2015 film Reset that tracked Benjamin Millepied’s first full year as the Opera Ballet’s new director, this new film from Swiss director Jean-Stephane Bron is all about  drama.  Most of which seems to happen off-stage. The … Continue reading

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