Paris Can Wait

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When a movie starts out with a soundtrack that is more suitable for an hotel elevator, then it really doesn’t bode well for what is to follow.  Even with a really talented cast that included Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin and veteran French actor Arnaud Viard, this debut feature film written and directed by Eleanor Coppola turned out to … Continue reading


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Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch’s latest movie unfolds in the calm overly slow pace that is essentially the director’s signature style, and which makes it something of a breath of fresh air these days when most movies seem to hurtle along at breakneck speed.  This is the story of Patterson (Adam Driver) a very ordinary working man who … Continue reading


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This new French feature film co-directed by world-renowned choreographer Angelin Preljoçaj along with screenwriter Valérie Müller is an adaption of Bastien Vivès novel about a young girl pursuing her dreams and it very firmly makes the dancing far more important than the actual plot itself.  This is more of an observation than a criticism and it is  a move … Continue reading

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