St Vincent

    Vincent, with no visible regular means of support and with not a single friend in the world other than Felix his rather mangy Persian cat, is a cantankerous old drunk.  When Maggie a newly single mother and Oliver her 12 year old son move in to the house next door, things get off to bad start … Continue reading

    Strange Weather

    Darcy (Holly Hunter) is a middle-aged Southern woman living a hand-to-mouth existence where money, love and rain all seem to be in short supply. She works as a Administrative Assistance in the local University and has been taking grad school classes at night in hope of bettering her chances.  Despite the fact that the town’s local … Continue reading

    Table 19

    This new feel-good chick-lit movie seems to be part of the continued journey of the darlings of  indie-movies Duplass Brothers to making more mainstream comedies.  The movie directed by the Oscar nominated Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound) from the brothers script, still has the usual  cast of odd-ball slightly dysfunctional characters that we have come to expect from … Continue reading

    The Dinner

    For his fourth time in the directors chair NY based Israeli filmmaker Oren Moverman has adapted Herman Koch’s best selling novel The Dinner.  It’s the story of two couples who get together for dinner somewhat reluctantly at a rid exclusive restaurant, and as the evening unfolds their polite exteriors disappear and by the time the … Continue reading

    The Interview

    If the North Korean Government hadn’t insisted on making this the most talked about movie this Christmas there is little doubt that this off-colour sophomoric comedy would have quickly passed through movie theaters practically unnoticed by most of us.  It’s crude and smutty humor that, like most movies that the actor James Franco is connected with … Continue reading

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