Fatima : when the Virgin Mary appeared to three young shepherds

      Based on true events that occured in Portugal in 1917 that have since been the subject of changing folklore, how this faith based religious drama will be perceived will be based by the viewer’s own beliefs.  For example Catholic Christians will welcome the story of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary with such open … Continue reading


    It’s evidently not easy remaining rational when discussing the much-misunderstood subject of ‘furries’ the name used to describe the growing community of people who like to dress up as anthropomorphic creatures.  This well-meaning new documentary …. a Slamdance Award winner … by first time filmmaker Dominic Rodriguez (himself an occasional participant) starts out with good intentions to explain … Continue reading

    Generation Wealth

      Lauren Greenfield’s overly ambitious new documentary that looks at the myriad negative effects of obscene wealth is intriguing even it lacks the clarity of her previous work such as the rather brilliant  Queen of Versailles.  Greenfield’s focus is not just with some of the people whose lives have been damaged by their compulsive need … Continue reading


    Life is pretty bleak in this concrete jungle of soul-less tower blocks of shabby apartments on this housing complex in a poor rundown suburb of Paris.  Sixteen year old Marieme is hoping that one day she will break out of there so for a better life so she does her school work, plays American football, … Continue reading

    Hope Gap : when his parents marriage ends Jaime is expected to fix things

      Hope Gap is based on the real story of the childhood of writer/director William Nicholson . He had first written it in the form of a play The Retreat from Moscow which went on to win 3 Tony Award Nominations on Broadway. The latter seems very surprising watching the movie adaptation which is now … Continue reading

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