This is a very tender and realistic story that plots a loving relationship between two very likable guys in Manhattan through all it’s highs and lows over a decade starting in 1998. There were sadly more of the latter but this well made movie’s particular take was both honest and refreshing, and the fact that … Continue reading


The late great Kenneth Williams could easily be described as Britain’s own Charles Nelson Reilly. Both men were celebrated classical trained actors who worked with all the major stars of their day, but they actually found their own fame with their outrageously camp and genius comic humor which made them both much loved national treasures. … Continue reading

Kiki : Love to Love

We are sadly too used to Hollywood making big-budget remakes of successful independent European films which inevitable end up as poor shadows of  the original and fail at the box office. e.g. the French ‘Anthony Zimmer‘ that became the big  Angelina Jolie dud ‘The Tourist‘.  However in the case of the Spanish sex comedy ‘Kiki’ … Continue reading


I was persuaded to go out of my cinematic comfort zone to go see a new indie horror movie: a genre that I really loathe.  This British one, the second feature directed by Ben Wheatley from a script he co-wrote with his wife Amy Jump had garnered rave reviews that included ‘The most original, unsettling … Continue reading


The cinematic fascination with The Beat Generation continues regardless. Following on the heals of Walter Salles take on Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ which the Critics were quick to dismiss when it recently had a Limited Release in US theaters, we have this new movie which, set in the mid 1940’s is essentially a pre-quel to … Continue reading

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